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Pacific Ecological Consultants, LLC




Pacific Ecological Consultants, LLC

Pacific Ecological Consultants, LLC is an ecological research, education, and consulting firm owned and operated by Elizabeth Binney, PhD, PWS.  Dr. Binney has over 30 years of experience in ecological consulting in the Pacific Northwest.  Pacific Ecological Consultants provides services such as wetland identification and delineation, stream and fish & wildlife assessments, priority habitat and species and listed species assessments, habitat management plans, mitigation plans and monitoring, restoration, Section 404 and 401 and critical areas ordinance permitting, wetland hydrology monitoring, ordinary high water mark determinations, third party review, statistical analyses, plant identification, and more.  Clients include private land owners, developers, lawers, counties, cities, non-profits, and tribes. 


Pacific Ecological Consultants provides various levels of training and workshops per client request in areas such as wetland delineation, wetland assessment, native plant species identification, and permitting, as well as teaching one-week intensive courses in wetland delineation at Western Washington University, Portland State University, and University of Washington. 


We continue to pursue interests basic and applied ecological research.  Several of our ongoing research projects include:  Oregon fairy shrimp (Eubranchipus oregonus) distribution, life history, and habitat characterization; interaction of avalanches and wildfire; and, a fire ecology study in Olympics National Park.




Elizabeth P. Binney, Ph.D., C.S.E., P.W.S.

Dr. Binney is a plant/wetland ecologist.  She earned her doctorate from the University of British Columbia.  Dr. Binney teaches wetland identification and delineation courses at Portland State University, University of Washington, and Western Washington University.  At Western Washington University she also teaches wetland assessment, general biology, ecology, wetland ecology, and biostatistics.  She is a Certified Senior Ecologist (CSE) through the Ecological Society of America, a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS; certification #1169) through the Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program (SWSPCP), and is a certified wetland delineator through the Seattle District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers provisional Wetland Delineator Certification Program.  Dr. Binney completed the five-day training course for the Washington State Wetland Function Assessment Project Methods for Assessing Wetland Functions, the two-day training for the Department of Ecology wetland rating system, and the Department of Ecology’s two-day training for ordinary high water mark determination.   Her areas of interest include alpine/subalpine ecology; fire ecology; wetland ecology; and, native plant and lichen/bryophyte identification.  She is past president of SWSPCP, is Archives Chair, and serves on several committees.  




Association of State Wetland Managers

Ecological Society of America

Licheneers of North Puget Sound

Native Plant Society of Oregon

Northwest Scientfic Association

Society of Wetland Scientists

     Pacific Northwest Chapter

     Professional Certification Program

Washington Native Plant Society


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